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Austalian Shorts Fiction WOW Award winners

Film screening - 1 hour: 3-4pm / Break - 15 mins / Live music - 45 mins: 4.15 - 5pm Break - 15 mins / Film screening - 1 hour: 5.15 - 6.15pm

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Musical performances by : The Venus Bushfires

The Venus Bushfires is a collective of one and many, of which Helen Parker-Jayne Isibor is the only constant member.

The Nigerian born singer-songwriter, composer and performance artist explores the ethereal sounds of the hang, the power of the talking drum and the quirks of children's toys cross-fertilising multiple visual and musical styles.

Helen harnesses influences from Avant-garde, psychedelic, tribal and meditative arts and draws inspiration from 70's musical pioneers such as Fela Kuti and Can, creating music and stories that explore the sensual and the spiritual. Helen has become known for her captivating and trance inducing live sets, immersive performance-art shows and impromptu sound journey displays in unusual spaces. She has created music for Sony PlayStation and Disney and her song's have featured on French TV and documentary films.

In 2008 she orchestrated the world's first ever 'hang flash gig' which was broadcast on Channel 4. Last summer she played percussion with Sir Paul McCartney, which she says was an "unexpected, accidental and beautiful blessing".

Helen also performed at the finale of the Africa Express concert in London 2012 as well as at Londons Momo. In February 2013 she will perform at the Africa Uncovered event at the Victoria and Albert museum as well as at London Fashion Week as well as a number of UK-festivals this summer. Her debut EP 'The Venus Bushfires' is being released this February 2013.

Musical performances by : Emily Burridge

Emily Burridge is a 'cellist and composer, performer and producer with creative flair.

Born in the UK Emily was classically trained from the age of five and was awarded a scholarship to the specialist music school Wells Cathedral School and a scholarship to the Royal College of Music in London where she was further awarded the Helen Just concerto prize.

She considers herself extremely fortunate to have learnt with some of the best 'cello teachers; Raphael Wallfisch, Amarylis Fleming and on leaving the RCM she furthered her studies with William Pleeth.

Although over the years she has carved a niche and developed a reputation for working outside of the usual association with the ‘cello as a classical instrument, she benefited greatly from an intensive and solid grounding in the classical repertoire and her career has included working within orchestras, chamber groups and solo recitals performing in all the main London concert halls. From a young age she displayed a talent for improvising as well as reading the notes and her ability to improvise has expanded her career as a professional 'cellist. As a session musician, either reading an arrangement or creating one,she has contributed to hundreds of recordings playing with the stars of our time as well as lesser known individuals and groups, film scores and advertisements.

Musical performances by : Maya Youssef

Syrian Kanun player Maya Youssef comes from a family of artists. Her musical appreciation and education started when she was just a child.

Maya’s musical renown was already set in motion, when she won the Best Musician Award in Syria’s youth national music competition in 1996. In 2007 Maya completed her BA in Music from the High Institute of Music & Theatrical Arts in Damascus, where she was trained in classical Arabic, Western, Azerbaijani and Turkish Kanun schools.

As a renowned soloist or with musical ensembles Maya gave vibrant performances in Dubai, Beijing, Bologna, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Athens among other vibrant destinations. When Maya moved to Dubai in 2007 she created a buzz around her and attracted the media attention where she gave various TV interviews at leading Arabic TV channels like mbc, Dubai TV, Abu Dhabi TV among others.

As an acclaimed kanun expert, Maya was invited in 2009 to teach at Oman’s Sultan Qaboos University in the Department of Music and Musicology, she taught Kanun and Theory of Arabic Music there.

In early 2012, Arts Council of England recognized Maya as an Exceptional Talent, which has enabled her to come to the UK to develop her international career and she is currently living and working in London.


10 min - Drama
Joe Weatherstone, Producer
Damien Power, Director / Writer

Peekaboo On the train home, a stranger plays peekaboo with a youngchild.Whenthe toddler goes missing, her desperate mother searches frantically. .A thriller. StarsJ ustine Clark (Look Both Ways, Bastard Boys).

Melbourne International Film Festival 2011, Sydney Film Festival-Dendy Awards 2011, Flickerfest 2012 (Sydney)-Avid Award for Best Editing,WOW Film Festival 2012–Winner SBS Award,JointWinner BestEditing, Audience Choice Award.

Wonder Boy

15 min - Drama
Anna Kojevnikov, Producer
Corrie Chen, Director / Writer
Malgortza (Maz) Swierczak, Editor

Wonder Boy It’s Chinese New Year - dancing lions, dragons and blood red firecrackers. Ten year old Clancy is from Chinese background. Living in Australia he is stuck between a life he doesn’t know and a life he wants to belong to. Stars Evonne Fletcher (Blue Heelers, Neighbours), Sophia Chen.

Flickerfest International Short Film Festival 2011 (Sydney, Australia). WOW Film Festival 2012 - Winner Best Student Film.


7 min 36 sec - Comedy
Lisa Hoppe & Bobbie Waterman, Producer / Writer
Tanya Goldberg, Director
Pru Montin, Composer

Heck In this black comedy, 75 year olds Ray and Mary decide to take fate into their own hands but their double suicide pact doesn’t go according to plan! Stars Robina Beard (Home and Away).

Palm Sprints International Shortfest 2011, Winner Best Script for Short Film, AWGIE Awards 2011, WOW Film Festival 2012 - Highly Commended Screenwriter Award.


16 min 45 sec - Drama
Laura Dudgeon, Director / Producer / Writer

Comfortable Nice boy Andy and his adventurous girlfriend Sam are lost and struggling in the depths of something called ‘us’. A night of debauchery forces them to confront the truth. Stars Ashley Hnter, Megan Drury (Packed to the Rafters, Underbelly).

Sydney Film Festival 2011 - nominated Dendy Awards, WOW Film Festival 2012 - Winner Best Australian Fiction Drama, Winner Best Director Award.


5 min 13 sec - Comedy
Damien Prypchan, Producer
Venetia Taylor, Director / Writer

Garbo Bill and Barbara aren’t growing old gracefully, but they’re usually too drunk to care. ‘Garbo’ is an elegy for the old people we don’t hear about. Stars Helen Tonkin (Home and Away, Underbelly).

Aesthetica Short Film Festival 2011 (York, UK), Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2011 (UK), & others, WOW Film Festival 2012.

Camera Obscura

5 min 13 sec - Animation
Nicolas Szmidt, Producer
Marta Maia, Director / Animator / Producer
Christina Christensen, Composer

Camera Obscura Maria lives inside her Camera Obscura, until the day she feels that things outside are changing. No-one seems to notice those changes...sometimes you need to create projections in order to make the others see.

Official Competition for New Portuguese Filmmakers 2011 Cinanima, 2011 Revelation Perth International Film Festival, 2011 Dungong Film Festival, Australian Animaton, Best Woman Composer Award.


10 min - Drama
Victoria Goodyear, Director / Producer / Writer

Kamambo Inspired by a true story, ‘Kamambo’ is a drama about a 10 year old West Papuan asylum seeker who has escaped to Australia. Haunted by violent memories of her homeland, she longs for a safe haven. Stars Joanne Owen-Smith (Payload).

Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Market 2012 (France), Flickerfest International Film Festival (Aus) Finalist, VCA Premiere Awards 2010 Panavision Best Graduate Diploma production (Aus), Papua New Guinea Human Rights Festival 2011, Canberra Short Film Festival 2011 (Aus) - finalist, & others, WOW Film Festival 2012 - Winner Best Woman Screenwriter Award.


9 min 51 sec - Drama Australia. Tamara Small, Producer
Cassandra Nguyen, Director / Writer

Playlunch Duplings, fishballs, nine layer cake, fruit and so much more. Little Molly Lam has promised her mother that she will finish her lunch before playing. But with so much food how will she have time to play football? Food, friendship and football.

WOW Film Festival 2012 - Audience Choice Award.


13 min 30 sec - Drama
Meryl Tankard, Director / Writer
Alana Valentine, Co-writer
Pru Montin, Co-composer
Roslyn Dumford, Production Designer

Moth In 1970s Australia, three girls escape their institution for a moment of liberty. A last surge of rebellion in an age where audacity in women was savagely repressed and punished with incarceration. Stars Beatrice McBride, Madeleine Madden, Sophie Lowe (Beautiful Kate, The Slap).

Cannes Film Festival 2012, Prague Shorts Film Festival 2012, St Kilda Film Festival 2012, St Tropez Film Festival 2012, Plus Camerimage Film Festival Bydgoszcz, Poland 2011, WOW Film Festival 2012, Australian Cinematographer Society Winner Golden Tripod for Best Student Cinematography 2012.

Distant Thunder

7 min 19 sec - Comedy
Damien Prypchan, Producer
Venetia Taylor, Director / Writer

Distant Thunder Pam and Richard are divorced. Richard has a new life, but there’s something on the horizon that will shake things up. An existential comedy about marriage and death. Stars Jan Langford Penny (Not even a Mouse, The Storymaker, Water Rats).

Holmfirth Film Festival 2011 (UK), Langsett Independent Film Festival 2011 (UK), WOW Film Festival 2012.

The Burnt Cork

9 min 26 sec - Drama
Cassie Kelly, Producer
Alexandra Edmondson, Sound Mixer
Kyas Sheriff, Amber McMahon, Production Designers

The Burnt Cork In 1950s rural Australia, a man faces losing everything when love, fear, duty and shame collide following the birth of his illigitimate child with his aboriginal childhood friend. When a policeman arrives, Matthew is faced with a critical decision. Today they are known as ‘The Stolen Generations’. Stars Kyas Sheriff (The Alice), Amber McMahon.

Festival de Cannes Short Film Corner 2011, Dungog Film Festival 2011, St Kilda Film Festival 2011, Canberra Short Film Festival 2011, Sho me AShorts Film Festival NZ 2011, Bahamas International Shorts Film Festival 2011, WOW Film Festival 2012, Winner: The Black Shorts Award, Adelaide Shorts Festival 2012.

Something Fishy

4 min 30 sec - Comedy
Kristy Best, Director / Producer / Writer
Melanie Annan, Editor

Something Fishy Set in the colourful and animated world of a child on summer holidays, cheeky 7 year old Maxine has a fantastical obsession wiht the world of goldfish. A new game, has darkly comical results.

LA Comedy Shorts, Vail Film Festival, Friars Club Comedy Film Festival, Dungog Film Festival 2011, Canberra Short Film Festival 2011, Canberra Film Festival 2011, DC Shorts Film Festival 2011, Cornwall Film Festival 2011, Connecticut Film Festival 2012, Winner: Best Editing in a Short Film: Australian Screen Editors Awards, Kristy Best nominated for a Reel Women Film Award at the Cornwall Film Festival, WOW Film Festival 2012 - Winner Best Australian Fiction Comedy.